PCTEL Unveils Handheld Tool

Chicago-based PCTEL , the makers of software for Internet access via Wi-Fi and cellular networks, among other things, is releasing handheld Wi-Fi network monitoring software through its Dynamic Telecommunications (DTI) division.

The software is called Segue WiFinder and works on the Windows PocketPC platform. Paul Kline, president of DTI, says the software is meant to take the “black magic out of RF” (radio frequency) for IT professionals. Similar in ability to competitor products like AirMagnet’s Wireless LAN Handheld Analyzer, Kline says “What we give users is much more MIS (management information systems) like. We take the knowledge of the RF network and simplify that through the interface.”

WiFinder will perform a number of functions, including test for interference, measure radio and network parameters, and detect intruders and rogue access points. Coupled with processing tools, it can be used to generate reports on actions to take that will improve performance.

Segue WiFinder will be available as software only (the price has not been determined yet) or in a bundle with a PocketPC PDA and Wi-Fi card for $2,480.

“We’re going to have an approved, tested PDA and card, and if the customer wants the complete package, they can get it,” says Kline, but DTI has not yet finalized deals with any vendors so can’t say yet who the vendor will be. In theory, he says the software will work with any 802.11-capable PocketPC, but some chipsets give different levels of support for certain features.

Segue WiFinder will not be available until July.

PCTEL purchased DTI in March 2002 for $10 million in cash. The company also just announced software to turn Wi-Fi computers into full Infrastructure-mode capable access points.

802.11 Planet Conference

Come get a look at the Segue WiFinder and other products personally!

Join us at the 802.11 Planet Conference
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, June 25 – 27, 2003 at the World Trade Center Boston in Boston, MA.

PCTEL — one of the show’s premier sponsors — will be just one of over 80 wireless LAN vendors on the exhibitor floor.

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