Pexip Launches to Distribute Web Collaboration

Pexip aims to solve the challenge of distributed video conferencing at scale. That’s where Pexip’s Infinity platform comes in. Pexip is a scalable, virtual software platform that provides meeting rooms for video and voice collaboration.

Distributed Architecture

One of the key differentiators for the Pexip Infinity platform lies in its distributed architecture. Dahle explained that in a traditional video conferencing setup, if eight geographically dispersed participants connected to a conference, they would all be connected to the same hardware in a single data center. If some of those participants connected from the U.S and others from Europe, the conference could end up utilizing a lot of bandwidth on both ends of the connection.

“In our case, what our customers will do is they will deploy a virtual machine copy of the first virtual machine that is hosting the conference,” Dahle explained.

So for example, one virtual machine could be deployed in a data center in the U.S. and another in Europe. In that scenario, all the European participants would be automatically routed to the European virtual machine and all U.S. participants to the U.S. virtual machines. The two virtual machines would link to each other, and only the required streams would be forwarded across the Atlantic Ocean.

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