PLUMgrid Launches New SDN Overlay Approach

PLUMgrid emerged from stealth today with $10.7 million in funding and its PLUMgrid Platform SDN overlay approach to present to prospective customers.

Awais Nemat, co-founder and CEO of PLUMgrid, explained to Enterprise Networking Planet that his company’s approach to SDN is absolutely not OpenFlow based. OpenFlow has emerged in recent years as the key open source protocol for enabling SDN. OpenFlow support typically needs to be explicitly enabled on a physical switch.

Instead of the OpenFlow approach, PLUMgrid uses an overlay approach that takes advantage of the VXLAN standard. VXLAN is a proposed IETF standard championed by multiple firms, including Cisco, Citrix, VMware, and Arista. With VXLAN, a Layer 2 network can be abstracted across the LAN.

Read the full story at Enterprise Networking Planet:
PLUMgrid Plumbs Overlay Model for SDN

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