Rackspace Building Security as a Service CloudKeep for #OpenStack

CloudKeepPORTLAND. Security is top of mind when it comes to the cloud, that’s no surprise to anyone.

At the OpenStack Summit in Portland today, Rackspace developer Jarret Raim presented the CloudKeep project for OpenStack

The basic idea is to create a secure service for sharing secrets (the ‘keys’ to security). CloudKeep has four pieces:

Babrican which is the main REST API that provides provisioning, auditing and reporting.

Postern – is the agent that runs on the box and provides access to the keys.

Palisade is the web UI –

Keep is a command line client

The agent in turn works with the OpenStack Keystone service for identity, pairing and policy management.

Sure makes a lot of sense to me and the CloudKeep could well be the missing piece in the OpenStack security puzzle (when and if it matures).

The project is currently available at:



The current code is not yet production ready but it does show promise.

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