Red Hat Brings PaaS Inside the Enterprise

Linux vendor Red Hat is advancing its PaaS platform with a new on-site solution. The OpenShift Enterprise release builds on Red Hat’s open source OpenShift Origin platform and its existing OpenShift online service.

Ashesh Badani, GM of the Cloud Business Unit, explained that OpenShift Enterprise is an on-premise PaaS that provides auto-scaling, self service features and is enterprise class.

“Today you can leverage the OpenShift Online service but it has now been packaged for enterprise consumption using the same code base,” Badani said. “In the past, we allowed users to focus on the applications. Now enterprises can take that application platform that they see online and run it on premise.”

The OpenShift Online PaaS service was launched in May 2011 as a free service. In June of this year, Red Hat announced pricing for commercial levels of service for OpenShift, under the product name Megashift. Megashift includes access to the online platform as well as storage capacity.

The Enterprise release brings that capability on premise, enabling users to scale using their own infrastructure. That infrastructure includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux, on which OpenShift Enterprise runs.

The OpenShift Enterprise release is now part of Red Hat’s overall approach to cloud deployment, which includes the OpenStack cloud as well.

“Today OpenShift runs on RHEL and JBoss and because of that we can host it on the Amazon cloud as well as on premise,” Brian Stevens, CTO of Red Hat said. “We can do that across bare metal, virtualization and ultimately, when we have our OpenStack product available next year, on top of OpenStack as well.”

Red Hat’s OpenStack platform was updated last week to a new preview based on the OpenStack Folsom release.

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