Red Hat CEO Loves Linux, but sure likes his Apple iPad and iPhone too

From the ‘Everyone Loves Apple’ files:

When I was at Linuxcon in Vancouver last year, i was accosted by a few people for using an iPad (it’s not Linux after all). Apparently I’m in very good company.

Red Hat CEO, Jim Whitehurst is an iPad user too.O h and he’s an iPhone user and has a MacBook Air also. The MacBook Air runs Fedora though (and hey Linus likes MacBook Air too!)

Reality is that the iPad is the best tablet there is, for Red Hat’s CEO it helps improve his productivity and workflow…with one key caveat.

There isn’t a LibreOffice/ODF viewer that he could find that works for his iPad. So if anyone out there has a solution, there is likely a very grateful Linux CEO out there…

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