Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 Debuts in Beta

RHEL 6.4 provides users with improved security enhancements as well as a number of new Microsoft-enabling features. The new RHEL beta update follows RHEL 6.3, which debuted in June and provided users with enhanced virtualization scalability.

Microsoft-Enabling Features a Focus in RHEL 6.4

One of the key Microsoft-enabling features in RHEL 6.4 is support for Microsoft Hyper-V Linux Red Hat - Roundeddrivers. There are also interoperability improvements with Microsoft Exchange in the Evolution email system that Red Hat includes in RHEL.

“The integration of the Microsoft Hyper-V drivers was a planned activity,” Ron Pacheco, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Red Hat, told ServerWatch. “As is our practice with all aspects of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, we wait for the code (including drivers) to be accepted into the upstream community before they can be introduced into Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9, and now in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4.”

Microsoft first contributed the drivers to the mainstream Linux kernel earlier this year. The code contribution was a large one, resulting in Microsoft becoming one of the larger code contributors to Linux, according to a report from the Linux Foundation issued earlier this year.

“In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4, we also wanted to improve the experience with Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a guest,” Pacheco added. “So we undertook work to simplify the installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a guest in Hyper-V and VMware.”

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