Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Debuts

RHEL 7 is the first major milestone update release for Red Hat since RHEL 6 was officially launched in November 2010. A lot has happened in the Linux development community and the broader technology landscape over the last four years, and RHEL 7 is an effort to reflect that change.

Denise Dumas, senior director of Platform Engineering at Red Hat, has been at the forefront of RHEL 7 development for the last several years as the technology has evolved toward the official release today.

“RHEL has had to become a lot more flexible because of things like containers and Docker,” Dumas told eWEEK.

Docker did not exist when RHEL 7 development first kicked off in 2010. The Docker container open-source project got its start in 2013 and has since emerged to become one of the hottest areas of enterprise virtualization technology. Docker 1.0 was officially released on June 9, and it is now being fully supported inside of RHEL 7.

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