Red Hat Narrows the Virtualization Gap with RHEV 3.1

RHEV 3.1 is currently in beta with an official release set to debut by the end of the year. The updated open source virtualization platform is set to include new live migration features that Red Hat will use to further the challenge against VMware.

The RHEV 3.1 release will be the first major update since the RHEV 3.0 release in January.

One of the major new additions set to make its debut in RHEV 3.1 is a Storage Live Migration feature. With Storage Live Migration, administrators can easily move virtualization storage across storage arrays.

The KVM virtualization hypervisor that is at the core of RHEV 3.1 also gets a boost with live snapshotting capabilities.

“You could do a live snapshot with KVM in the past, but there was nothing in place to ensure consistency and data intergrity,” Andy Cathrow, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Red Hat, told ServerWatch.

In Cathrow’s view, the combination of Live Storage Migration and KVM snapshots addresses the last two issues that Red Hat was facing with VMware vSphere customers.

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Red Hat Accelerates Open Source Virtualization in RHEV 3.1 Release

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