Say What? Top Five IT Quotes – Oct. 25th

“Developers have the attention spans of slightly moronic woodland creatures.”
Linus Torvalds (

“You don’t raise $40 million unless you have a good valuation.”

Gaurav Banga CEO Bromium (eWEEK)

“Security leaders have a real challenge meeting different expectations when they are communicating with the C-suite”
David Jarvis, manager, IBM Center for Applied Insight and a co-author of a new CISO report (eSecurity Planet)

“We say it’s our first inning, maybe second, but certainly not more than that, as there are extraordinary amounts of installed management tools that are yet to be replaced.”

VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger (Datamation)

“It seemed to me to be a bad idea for the vice president to have a device that maybe somebody on a rope line or in the next hotel room or downstairs might be able to get into—hack into” 

Former U.S. VP Dick Cheney’s Cardiologist, Dr. Jonathan Reiner (60 Minutes)

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