Say What? Top Five IT Quotes of the Week – December 13, 2013

“I think that people self-limit. The number one thing is people should just keep trying, did you try yesterday? Did you try today? It takes a lot of mental exertion to innovate.”

-Elon Musk speaking at Dell World 2013 (Datamation)

“If you see Tor activity and actually don’t use Tor at all, that’s probably the moment to make a manual inspection of the machine” 

-Kaspersky Lab expert Dmitry Bestuzchev commenting on new Zeus malware variant (eWEEK)

“If you don’t bring out new high-end products on a regular basis, then you become like many of my IT peers, which is less and less relevant”

-John Chambers at Cisco’s 2013 Financial Analyst Summit (Enterprise Networking Planet)

“Really, Google can’t help but break people’s privacy. It is the foundation of their $40 billion dollar a year advertising business despite the fact that we now know for certain that it can and is being leveraged by at least one set of government actors.”

-Robert rSnake Hansen, security researcher and director of product management at WhiteHat Security (eWEEK)

“RHEL 7 is going to be awesome”

-Brian Stevens, CTO at Red Hat (ServerWatch)

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