Security on the Go for WLANs

Internet Security Systems (ISS) recently announced a wireless security assessment solution, called Wireless Scanner, which provides an active security solution for WLAN administrators. The Wireless Scanner software can detect unauthorized devices, provide security assessments as to the current vulnerability of access points (APs), provide network management information, read encrypted traffic, and create a host of reports based on the data including both graphical, summary-type reports and detailed, technical reports.

The Wireless Scanner software can be used by a WLAN administrator to detect APs from both inside and outside an organizations physical plant. It is capable of finding unsecured APs, tracking clients, and detecting client attacks against APs.

The software also provides a security assessment which can actively probe and therefore discover all APs and determine their vulnerability to attack and unauthorized access. System administrators can determine whether or not encryption and authentication processes are enabled and properly configured for each AP.

Reports generated by the software are sortable and can be formatted in a variety of ways to provide the necessary level of detail that each end-user requires. Graphical reports for a quick overview can be supplemented with detailed technical reports that include fix information for vulnerabilities.

The Wireless Scanner software is designed to be used on a laptop or other mobile device for several reasons. A primary use of this mobility is to enable users to actually simulate the activity of attackers from on- or off-site.

ISS offers consulting services to assist clients in assessing, securing, and configuring their WLANs. The company is offering a full day Xtreme Wireless Security class at NetWorld+Interop 2002 Las Vegas on May 6. Information about the class can be found at the convention’s Web site.

According to Internet Security Systems, the Wireless Scanner software will be available in March, 2002. The company did not provide pricing information.

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