Software Simplifies PC Card Installation

cyberPIXIE, Inc. announced yesterday the availability of its new Install Wizard software, designed to automate the installation and configuration of WLAN cards into PCMCIA slots on client devices.

The company claims that the Install Wizard is so automatic that no user intervention is required. The end-user simply inserts the CD, follows on-screen instructions, and inserts the card when directed. The Install Wizard software loads the appropriate drivers — right now the software supports the Cisco Aironet and Agere ORiNOCO cards – into Windows 95,98, 2000, Me, and NT machines. The software then configures the necessary parameters, including network ID (SSID) and encryption keying.

cyberPIXIE stated that the entire process is complete in under two minutes, at which time the default browser or other specified application is launched and the user is connected to the network. The company also reported that the software is downloadable from any wired connection to simplify local installation and execution.

According to cyberPIXIE, no prior hardware or software installation or configuration experience is required whatsoever. The company has implemented the product in locations including Swissotel Chicago and claims that it has been enthusiastically received by travelers for its ease of use.

The cyberPIXIE Install Wizard software is available on a per software license agreement – or as a component of the cyberPIXIE Wireless Networking Suite. The Install Wizard Package contents include installation software and WLAN PC card. The company did not provide pricing information but additional information can be found at the cyberPIXIE Web site.

Matthew Peretz is Managing Editor of

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