Spectralink’s New PBX to VoIP Gateway

Spectralink of Boulder, Colo., still the worldwide leader in wireless Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony using 802.11-based handset phones (according to Synergy Research Group), today unveiled a new product to let owners of traditional private branch exchange (PBX) phone systems in an enterprise business take advantage of VoIP phones.

The $7,950 NetLink PRI Gateway will connect to PBX phone systems that have an trunked ISDN primary rate interface (PRI) so it can support over 100 NetLink Wireless Telephones (also from Spectralink, naturally). The gateway in turn connects to the wired network and on to the access points that talk to the VoIP handsets.

Up to 23 people can be on the VoIP phones simultaneously, which the company says will easily accommodate 100 users depending upon the company’s phone traffic. It supports basic phone services such as hold, transfer, and multiple lines.

In the past, Spectralink phones have required use of a full NetLink Telephony Gateway system, which connected to a PBX digitally to provide full services, but only supported 16 simultaneous users. Spectralink has made sure to work with systems from diverse providers such as Nortel and Cisco. The PRI Gateway can be combined with the digital Telephony Gateways as needed, to add more users.

The company recently announced new and inexpensive (less than $400) wireless VoIP handset phones as well as new desktop models, which will also be private labeled by NEC America.

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