SUSE Advances Cloud Solution with New Release

Linux vendor SUSE released its latest open-source OpenStack cloud platform-based product this week, SUSE Cloud 2.0.

The SUSE Cloud 2.0 release comes just over a year after the first SUSE Cloud release in August 2012. The timing of this release is also noteworthy in that it is coming out several weeks ahead of the next major OpenStack release, code-named Havana.

“SUSE Cloud 2.0 is ready now, and we have customers who are looking to deploy with the existing level of functionality offered by SUSE Cloud 2.0,” Doug Jarvis, Cloud Solutions marketing manager at SUSE, told eWEEK. “Our intention is to follow the major OpenStack release with a new version of SUSE Cloud two to three months later, allowing us to harden and test the code.”

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SUSE Cloud 2.0 Improves OpenStack Cloud Deployments

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