SUSE Linux Sticking with MySQL – openSUSE 12.3, Not So Much

The openSUSE 12.3 release is the first from the project to provide support for booting on hardware that uses UEFI Secure Boot technology.

The project has also opted to use the open source MariaDB database as its default offering, instead of the Oracle-led MySQL database. Schweikert said that users will still be able to choose MySQL if they really want it.

The shift away from MySQL may not however be reflected by openSUSE’s enterprise counterpart, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES).

Matthias Eckermann, product manager for SUSE, told ServerWatch that based on the arguments, which have been exchanged publicly, the current switch from MySQL to MariaDB sounds like a reasonable approach for openSUSE.

“SUSE customers and partners using SUSE Linux Enterprise, however, require long-term stability for existing interfaces and environments to minimize risk and costs,” Eckermann said. “SUSE is not planning to switch from MySQL to MariaDB for the released SUSE Linux Enterprise products.”

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