SUSE Manager 1.7 Aims for Linux Server Compliance

SUSE Manager 1.7 is based on the open source Spacewalk server management project. Spacewalk is an open source effort started by SUSE’s Linux rival Red Hat back in 2008. Spacewalk is also the open source version basis for Red Hat’s Network server management product.

SUSE Manager has been based on Spacewalk since early 2011, as SUSE moved away from its prior server management system, Zenworks Linux Management.

The new SUSE Manager 1.7 release is based on the Spacewalk 1.7 release and can manage both SUSE Linux as well as Red Hat servers.

“We productized the open source project, provide a very streamlined installation experience with our SUSE Manager software appliance, offer a reliable maintenance roadmap, and add our award-winning enterprise support,” SUSE spokesperson Torsten Hallmann said in an email to ServerWatch. “This is comparable to how we productize and harden Linux for enterprise use.”


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