VeriWave Announces OTA Wi-Fi Testing Tool

VeriWave today announced WaveInsite, a product designed to facilitate over-the-air (OTA) performance and interoperability testing for Wi-Fi networks. In its announcement, the company emphasized the ease with which it says the product can be set up and run.

Eran Karoly, VP Marketing at VeriWave included a statement in today’s announcement:

“In WiFi networks, the user experience depends heavily on the interaction between wireless devices such
as laptops or smartphones, and the network infrastructure,” said Karoly. “This interaction is best tested onsite, but that has traditionally been very time-consuming and expensive. With WaveInsite, testers can easily and quickly conduct various ‘what-if’ tests of interoperability and performance between endless combinations of Access Points (APs) and clients.”

According to VeriWave, OTA testing is conducted by installing WaveAgent, a low footprint utility that runs on client devices, including laptops, smartphones and PDAs. WaveAgent shares information on network performance characteristics such as packet loss, latency, forwarding rate, goodput and MOS.

According to the company’s announcement, other features found in VeriWave include:

  • Automatic generation of PDF reports after each test.
  • Automatic comparison of test results against Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to gauge end-user
  • Simple “pass/fail” testing.
  • Integration with VeriWave’s Wi-Fi traffic analysis blades.
  • Integration with VeriWave’s traffic-generation capabilities to create ecosystem traffic and test client behavior under high-load conditions.

VeriWave says WaveInsite is available now and pricing for 10 WaveAgent licenses starts at $9,995.

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