[VIDEO] Rob Soderbery, SVP & GM Cisco Enterprise Networking Group

In an exclusive video interview with Enterprise Networking Planet, Rob Soderbery answers questions about the risks to Cisco’s switching business, where SDN fits in and why the Catalyst is one of the most successful pieces of networking technology ever created.

For Soderbery a key challenge is making sure that Cisco is continuing to service existing needs while at the same time pushing forward on new innovations for the enterprises of tomorrow.

“One of the real challenges of being Cisco is that we need to both be operationally efficient and drive a great experience for existing customers, while at the same time being very innovative,” Soderbery said. “Being able to push new applications and new technologies whether it is SDN, IPv6 or the Internet of Everything and be able to push those with a passion of a startup.”

Watch the video interview with Rob Soderbery below:

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Cisco’s Catalyst for Networking Success [VIDEO]

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