VMware Looks for Insight from Logs

VMware officially announced its new vCenter Log Insight solution this week.

Martin Klaus, Group Manager, Product Marketing at VMware, explained to ServerWatch that vCenter Log Insight has long been the cornerstone for virtualization operations, and now the platform is being extended for the log analytics domain as well.

“Log files are the lingua franca of IT,” Klaus said. “When there are any problems and you need to investigate, you need to analyze your log files.”

Klaus noted that currently log analytics represents a big challenge for VMware customers. An average vSphere host could generate as much as 250 MB of log files per day. Without tools to properly correlate and aggregate that data, makes sense of log files is a very a time consuming task.

The vCenter Log Insight solution is integrated with VMware vSphere and can enable users to start monitoring logs to identify any change in behaviors or potential performance bottlenecks and issues.

Read the full story at ServerWatch:
VMware Delivers Log Virtualization Insight

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