VMware vCloud Integration Manager Expedites Cloud

VMware (NYSE:VMW) is well known in the industry for its dominance in enterprise virtualization. VMware is now well positioned to dominate the cloud as well with its rapidly expanding vCloud programs and a new solution that will get those clouds provisioned quicker.

According to VMware, there are now 90 service providers and data center partners around the world that are vCloud Powered. The vCloud program was first announced in 2011 and by August had at least 25 data center partners. The new vCloud Integration Manager is all about helping data center partners to get their cloud deployments setup in an integrated way with existing customer relationship management systems.

“vCloud Integration Manager sits in between a customer relationship manager (CRM) system and vCloud Director, vSphere and the software that delivers the cloud service,” Mathew Lodge, senior director of Cloud services, told InternetNews.com. “Essentially, the function that vCloud Integration Manager is doing is the automation around customer onboarding and the provisioning of services.”

Lodge noted that what VMware saw happening is that their service provider customers were writing their own scripts in order to do the onboarding and CRM integration. VMware then came to the realization that the process could be standardized and productized to make it easier and faster for service providers to deliver service.

According to VMware, they developed vCloud Integration Manager to provide a simple and standardized way for service providers to provision vCloud Director, vShield and vSphere to more quickly get new customers up and running. Until now, service providers either had to do these tasks manually, or redirect development resources to writing undifferentiated “glue code” and/or automation scripts.

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