Welcome to 80211 Planet Live!

Welcome to 80211 Planet Live! This is your home for information about the
upcoming 80211
Planet Conference & Expo,
to be held June 25-27 at Boston’s World Trade
Center. The show is the world’s largest Wi-Fi business event, as 802.11 industry
experts and business innovators converge to exchange ideas and strategies and
chart new paths through this transforming technological landscape.

Over the course of the next month you’ll find previews of the many
groundbreaking technologies displayed at the show, such as new security
initiatives and roaming architectures, as well as discussions of how Wi-Fi is
changing the rules for many businesses as they untether themselves from the
wired Internet. We’ll also be previewing keynotes, panel discussions and speaker
presentations, as well as tell you how to make the best use of your time in
Boston — both at the show and after hours.

Our coverage will continue to the show itself, where the 80211Planet Live
Team will be bringing you coverage from the exhibit hall and speaker rooms. The
Boston 80211 Planet Conference & Expo is shaping up to be an exciting event,
and this is your first place to look for coverage. Have a question or comment? Drop
us a line!

–The 80211Planet Live Team (Kevin Reichard, Eric Griffith, Vikki Lipset,
and Colin C. Haley)

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