Will Ubuntu Trusty Tahr Linux Challenge Windows on the Desktop?

The Ubuntu 14.04 release, dubbed the “Trusty Tahr,” is now available, providing users with a Linux desktop that will be supported for the next five years. The new Linux distribution comes at a very opportune time, given Microsoft’s recent end of life for support on Windows XP.

Ubuntu is a great alternative to replace Windows XP, according to Rick Spencer, vice president of Ubuntu Engineering at Canonical. Spencer told eWEEK that it is Canonical’s expectation that Ubuntu 13.10 users will migrate to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to continue to receive security support and bug fixes. Ubuntu 13.10 was released in October 2013. The Ubuntu 14.04 LTS will also be a key migration target for users of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, which was released in April 2012. – See more at: http://www.eweek.com/enterprise-apps/ubuntu-linux-has-what-it-takes-to-challenge-windows-on-the-desktop.html#sthash.fEgAd3CM.dpuf

With the end of life for Windows XP support, Canonical does not have any new specific, targeted programs to help Windows users move to Ubuntu.

“We believe that Ubuntu has been a great alternative to Windows for years, so our focus is on making certain that Ubuntu 14.04 LTS runs on the latest hardware, including touch screens and high DPI [dot-per-inch] displays, while still supporting legacy hardware that users might have,” Spencer said. “Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is certainly a great alternative for anyone looking to replace Windows XP.”

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Ubuntu Linux Has What It Takes to Challenge Windows on the Desktop

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