WLAN Software Dev Kit in Early Release

Socket Communications, Inc. today announced that SPANworks’ ImmediaNet Wireless Software Development Kit (SDK) is being bundled with two of its newly released Low Power WLAN cards. Called an Early-Access-Program, the companies describe it as enabling developers to create MultiPeer applications utilizing Socket’s wireless technology on Pocket PCs.

SPANwork’s ImmediaNet Wireless SDK gives developers access to its MultiPeer connectivity engine – enabling them to write for both Bluetooth and 802.11b technologies simultaneously. It also enables building ‘team applications and other ‘conversational’ solutions emphasizing ad hoc mobile user connectivity. Examples mentioned by the companies include group-wide notes, chat, interactive presentations, and gaming between Pocket PC users.

The early-access SDK is available for immediate download at the SPANworks Web site for $1,350. Customers also receive Socket’s WLAN Compact Flash card within 30 days, or earlier as inventory permits.

Socket will be releasing a Bluetooth CF card to add to its support for Pocket PC wireless technologies.

Matthew Peretz is Managing Editor of 802.11-Planet.com

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