WLAN Training Gets the Nod

Planet3 Wireless announced today that it has received official endorsement of its Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) certification from the Wireless LAN Association (WLANA). WLANA is a non-profit, educational trade association for the WLAN industry. WLANA board members include Cisco Systems, Intersil, Enterasys, and others involved in the wireless LAN world.

Planet3 Wireless, a privately held Georgia corporation, is the creator of the Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) training and certification program. This is a vendor-neutral training and certification program for the WLAN industry. Information is available at CWNE.

The CWNP Training and Certification Program consists of four levels of curriculum and certification:
1. CWNA (Administrator)
2. CWSE (Security Expert)
3. CWNI (Integrator)
4. CWNE (Engineer)

The WLANA endorsement is for the CWNA certification. Planet3 Wireless stated that they plan to release their CWSE certification this summer. This new certification is designed to provide the requisite training for securing, maintaining, and administering enterprise-level WLANS.

The CWSE training course is the second level of training and certification as part of the CWNP program, and builds on material taught in CWNA. While CWNA introduces wireless security concepts, CWSE covers wireless security in greater detail. CWSE is designed to educate wireless LAN managers on the threats, policies, and protocols for securing wireless networks. Devin Akin, Co-Founder and Chief Psychometrician for Planet3, added, “CWNA establishes the foundation for wireless LAN knowledge, and CWSE builds on that knowledge, directly addressing the most pressing issue in the wireless LAN market today: security.”

The CWNA certification exam itself is available at all Prometric Testing Centers worldwide.

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