Battle for Search Share in Lower Tier

The latest search engine share rankings show Google maintaining its lead over Yahoo, with upstarts gaining points.

For the month of July 2005, Google Search served 46 percent of all searches, according to analysis released on Wednesday. Yahoo Search handled 23 percent, and MSN Search delivered results for 13 percent of searches. AOL Search garnered five percent of searches, and meta-search engine My Way Search saw two percent.

On the bottom half of Nielsen’s top ten search engine rankings, Ask Jeeves delivered 1.6 percent of all searches; Netscape, 1.6 percent;, .9 percent; iWon Search, .9 percent; and EarthLink Search, .8 percent.

None of the search engines saw a statistically meaningful change in search volume from the previous month.

Users completed the highest number of searches on Google, an average of 27.4 searches per person, while Yahoo saw 20 searches per person. Netscape Search averaged almost 20 searches per person, searchers completed 15 queries, and MSN Search rounded out the top five rankings with 14 searches per person.

Neither AOL nor Ask Jeeves made it into the top ten list of searchers per person. Among those that did, Netscape Search, My Search and Search showed significant increases in average number of searches per person, while iWon Search users dropped their usage from an average of 17.8 searches in June to 13.1 in July.

According to Nielsen, the average Web searcher conducted a total of 38 searches in July.

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