Nearly All Computers Infected by Viruses

Viruses like the recently publicized ‘Opasoft’ and ‘Tanatos’ are spread to nearly every computer throughout China, the official newspaper reported on Thursday.

At least 80 percent of computers in China have been affected by “digital viruses,” which increasingly spread through file downloading and Web surfing. Half of the infected machines have suffered data loss, unbootable systems or difficulty in browsing the Web, the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Centre said in its latest survey.

“Only 16 percent of computer users we sampled this year reported they were free from any virus attack, while last year, nearly one in three users said they suffered no computer infections,” said Zhang Jian, chief engineer of the State-funded institution in Tianjin.

Unlike last year, when the main source of computer virus came from compact and floppy disks, emails and online file swapping, Internet has increasingly become the primary channels for the spreading of infections, Zhang was quoted as saying.

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