Review: BlackBerry Curve 8320 – Wi-Fi or Cell Calls? How About Both

Finally, it’s a time of happiness for all the T-Mobile users who couldn’t or wouldn’t give a  BlackBerry with a SureType keyboard, ala the Pearl, a try. Like the Pearl, the new BlackBerry Curve 8320 is a multimedia BlackBerry. Unlike the Pearl, it’s got a full QWERTY thumb-keyboard.

Essentially, the 8320 is very similar to the BlackBerry Curve 8300 AT&T Wireless currently offers. However, the 8320, like AT&T’s most recent BlackBerry, the 8820, includes Wi-Fi. But unlike with AT&T’s Wi-Fi BlackBerry, you can make the most out of 8320’s Wi-Fi feature.

Setting up Wi-Fi is simple. Just click on the Set Up W-Fi icon and search for a network. Pick yours from the list. If you need a security code, it will ask for it. As long as you save the network, the 8320 will connect to it on its own when you come back into range.

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