Review: BlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth Headset

The packaging of the BlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth headset is so cool, I almost felt bad opening it. But who can resist playing with a new Bluetooth headset? After all, the Z9 has dual microphones for clear sound without background noise, in addition to Voice Isolation Technology software that gives the headset clear and clean voice input.

The Voice Isolation feature has two settings: Standard and Max. Standard is for normal environments, removing mild noise. Max is made for high noise areas. Both worked as advertised.

It is easy to switch between Standard and Max by simply tapping a Multi Function Button. A button that’s not easy to miss; it’s the big one with the ant on it. When you are on an active call you hit the button and a little voice tells you if you are in Standard or Max.

Pairing the Z9 to my BlackBerry 8320 was easy.

With the Bluetooth enabled on the BlackBerry you hold the Ant button down for around 6 seconds. The LED will turn solid blue and start flashing when the Z9 enters pairing mode. At this point, you get two minutes (plenty of time, even when making a mistake or two) to pair phone and headset before it resets.

For those us who use more than one cell phone or smartphone, the Z9 conveniently remembers up to three phone pairings. That way you don’t have to go through the pairing procedure every time you change out phones.

I found the Z9 comfortable to wear, even forgetting I had it in a few times.

There was no trouble hearing anyone I was talking to, regardless of signal strength or noises around me. I talked to several different people for varying amounts of time without any complaints. Most had no idea I was on a Bluetooth headset even.

The Z9 lasted several days without a charge before running out of power during testing. It is rated for 5.5 hours talk time and 200 hours of standby time. Also, while you’re on a call, the Z9 warns you through a beep when its battery doesn’t have much power.

The Z9 lets you answer call waiting calls by placing the first call on hold and then returning to it by pressing a couple of buttons. You can also conference in another call and disable or enable the LED indicators. headset before it resets.

It comes with three ear hooks, all clear, a USB cable, AC charger, along with the user’s guide.

This lightweight, attractive, and easy to use Bluetooth headset is a pleasure to use. It worked great with the three BlackBerry models – the 8320, 8300 and 8310 – I tested it with.

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