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Yahoo Begins Microsoft Search-Ad Integration

Teaming up to give Google a run for its money in the search game, Microsoft and Yahoo have begun integrating their advertising platforms. Soon, marketers will see their Yahoo accounts meshed with Microsoft's AdCenter, although Yahoo is still keeping the timetable for the transition tentative.

Through the partnership, search results on Yahoo's Web properties will read "Powered by Bing," with Microsoft furnishing the engineering platform. E-Commerce Guide has the details.

Yahoo announced this week it is beginning a crucial part of its transition to providing Bing search results from its websites -- but whether advertisers will actually make the move this year is still in question.

Users will be able to tell when the process has kicked in because there will be a Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) "Powered by Bing" logo at the bottom of Yahoo's (NASDAQ: YHOO) search results screen.

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