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Where Does Search Go After Google 'Instant'?

With Google's launch of Google Instant last week, the worlds of online publishing, advertising, marketing and ecommerce immediately began scrambling to come to terms with what impact -- if any -- it might have on their businesses.

And now, almost a week later, it's still uncertain. CIO Update takes a look at what Google's revamp of its core search site means for users and for businesses. How radical a change is this really? And what impact is it likely to have on search -- and the Internet -- in the future?

In a bit of twist, Google topped its own search ranking lists with the release of Google Instant, which is essentially predictive text that guesses the user's intent and offers search bar auto fill options and short-tail "instant" results.

But, the reviews are mixed. Some hailed it as useful, particularly for mobile where tiny screens and keyboards make typing a chore. Others wrung their hands over what this means to the multibillion dollar SEO industry. Still others found it to be just another user-friendly annoyance to savvy tech wranglers who avoid Google Instant entirely by searching from a toolbar.

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