Adobe Warns of Zero-Day Flaw in Flash, PDF

Adobe is warning users about an unpatched zero-day vulnerability affecting its Flash media-player technology. The company said that the flaw has been exploited in the wild, and is advising Reader and Acrobat users to delete the compromised authplay.dll file that launches Flash within PDF files.

The flaw — not the first detected in Adobe’s Flash technology — could be exploited by an attacker to trigger a crash and then take control of a Windows, Mac or Linux system. eSecurity Planet takes a look.

Adobe Flash users need to exercise extra caution this week as the technology is at risk from an unpatched zero-day flaw, according to Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE).

The company issued an advisory about the latest vulnerability in its Flash Player technology late Friday, warning that a flaw could be exploited to trigger a crash that, in turn, could leave an attacker in control of a victim’s Windows, Mac or Linux PC.

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Adobe Flash, PDF at Zero-Day Vulnerability Risk Again

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