Akonix Secures IM From Afar

Akonix has launched a remote user agent providing comprehensive IM security
and logging capabilities for mobile workforces, the company said today.

The San Diego-based security solutions firm says its L7 Remote User Agent is
the first IM security tool that enables remote workers to meet the same
security requirements as those logged onto corporate networks from the

Remote workers using public IM not connected to the corporate network are
often left exposing organizations to higher risks of IM-borne viruses or
malware attacks, David Jaros, Akonix director of product marketing, said.

“Employees accessing connections at the local coffee shop don’t get the same
level of protection as onsite staff,” Jaros said. “It leaves businesses
open to outside vulnerabilities.”

In addition, remote users can also disadvantage a company network when it
comes to compliance with federal regulatory requirements.

“As the mobile workforce continues to grow, so do the security and
compliance threats that laptops and other mobile devices bring to corporate
networks. As the only provider to address IM security and compliance needs
for remote workers, Akonix continues to lead the industry in unmatched IM
security innovation,” Francis Costello, CTO at Akonix,
said in a statement.

Akonix, an early entrant in the IM enterprise-class security solutions
game, says its new remote user agent allows organizations the comfort and
security to have employees working offsite, providing the same IM security
and compliance protection as users connected to the corporate network.

A July 2005 survey conducted by Quality Resource Associates reported 89
percent of IT desktop managers said remote and mobile endpoints make it
harder to remain compliant with IT, financial, regulatory or security

However, when deployed on an employee’s laptop, the L7 Remote User Agent can
transparently monitor IM use and ensure IM activity is secured and logged
by Akonix L7 Enterprise suite, minimizing risks of attack or non-compliance
through unsecured IM access, Jaros said.

“Remote working brings an entirely new challenge to the security industry,
with today’s enterprises struggling to ensure employees on and off the
corporate network are safe and protected,” Matthew Anderson, an analyst at
Radicati Group, said.

In addition, the Akonix Security Center has tracked more than 200 separate
IM attacks on public networks in 2005. The financial implication of being
hit by a virus can be severe.

IM for business communications is widely considered an official form of
electronic communication and is subject to the same corporate policies and
regulatory requirements applicable to e-mail.

“Working closely with our customers and partners, Akonix ensures that
enterprises have the tools required to enable safe, productive use of IM for
business critical needs,” said Costello.

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