Apple Fixes 130 Mac OS X Vulnerabilities

Apple’s programmers worked overtime on the latest Mac OS X release to include fixes for a total of 130 security vulnerabilities in its core operating system software.

As eSecurity Planet reports, the security fixes represent the largest patch update for Mac OS X ever and the first since the 10.6.4 version debuted in June.

Various graphics and image handling issues are plentiful on the 10.6.5 patch list as well as fixes for its Safari web browser and a slew of Adobe Flash-related holes.

The update also addressed numerous feature and usability issues to improve the overall performance of the OS.

Some security updates are bigger than others – a lot bigger.

Apple has released its biggest patch update for Mac OS X ever with the 10.6.5 release patching over 130 flaws.

The 10.6.5 update is Apple’s first major security update since the 10.6.4 update was released back in June.

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Apple Patches Mac OS X for Over 130 Flaws

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