Apple iOS 4.3.4 Fixes Flaws and Gets Jailbroken (again)

Apple is now out with a new update patching three vulnerabilities in the iOS mobile operating system.

The iOS 4.3.4 update was trigged by the disclosure earlier this month that iOS could be infected by way of a malicious PDF file. The flaw was being exploited in the wild by iOS jailbreaking tools, as well. While the flaw has now been fixed, iOS 4.3.4 has already been jailbroken, as the cat and mouse game between Apple and the jailbreakers continues.

The jailbreaking flaw that took advantage of the PDF issues, enabled users to simply visit a website and click a button in order to jailbreak an iOS device. The iOS 4.3.4 patch itself has already been jailbroken, however it has made it harder for users or attackers to jailbreak an iOS device.

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Apple Patches iOS Again

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