Apple Updates OS X

Apple has updated its OS X Tiger operating system, fixing numerous issues on both
Intel and PowerPC based Macs.

The OS X Tiger 10.4.5 update comes after Russian hacker “Maxxuss” claimed that version 10.4.4 for Intel possessors had been cracked.

Addressed in 10.4.5 are fixes to its Safari Web browser that
had caused it to suddenly crash on AOL webmail users when they were deleting
AOL mail messages.

Fixes for Intel-based Macs are also addressed in the update.

Apple fixed a bug in Rosetta, its PowerPC/Intel translation application,
that did not allow Intel-based Mac users to open files that were located via an open window’s “search” field.

Another fix
resolves an issue relating to key chain notification on Intel-based Macs
running applications via Rosetta.

The new fixes comes as the first Intel-based Apple notebooks are now hitting. Desktops based on the Intel architecture have been shipping
since January.

The 10.4.5 release is the fifth major update to OS X Tiger since it was released in
April 2005.

Apple has released numerous security updates to the
platform since its release, with the most recent updates
coming in January for its QuickTime media player.

Apple users can get the 10.4.5 update via the Automated Software Update
feature on their systems or as a standalone download

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