Apple Updates Security Update Again

Apple has released a minor update to its recent security update, which
was an update to an update that wasn’t entirely patched.

Apple Security Update 2006-002 v1.1 fixes an issue introduced in Security Update 2006-002 v1.0 released earlier this week. 2006-002 was an update from 2006-001 released at the beginning of March.

Among the core issues in the original update were issues with Apple’s Safari browser, including a zero-day exploit that remained un-patched for over a week.

2006-002 v1.0 could potentially have left Safari users unable to launch
the browser.

“This can happen if you moved
Safari out of your Applications folder before installing the update,” according to Apple’s disclosure on the issue.

Johannes Ullrich of The SANS Institute Internet Storm Center (ISC) commented on the ISC
site that some Apple users had reported network issues after applying the
2006-002 v.1.0 patch that disappeared when the 2006-002 v.1.1 patch was

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