At Black Hat, IE Under Attack (Again)

With Windows XP still the most-used version of Windows, attacks against the aging OS are no laughing matter. eSecurity Planet has a report on a potential threat that uses Internet Explorer — a common target for hackers — to give an outsider unauthorized access to your XP system.

It’s a familiar tune that we’ve all heard before: A security researcher making a presentation at the Black Hat security conference with a report on insecurity in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. This time, the venue is Washington D.C., and the researcher is Core Security’s Jorge Luis Alvarez Medina — and as it turns out the issues he’s detailing are in part, re-treads of items his firm has already disclosed.

Medina’s talk, “Internet Explorer turns your personal computer into a public file server,” discusses new attack vectors for risks that Core Security has raised in previous years, but which still represent a potential risk.

One positive finding, however, is that not all Windows users necessarily need to be concerned, as Windows 7 and Vista users don’t face the same risks.

Read the full story at eSecurity Planet:

Black Hat: Attack Can Turn IE Into a Public File Server

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