Black Hat: Lessons of 9/11

LAS VEGAS. Ambassador Cofer Black worked for the CIA for 28 years and was a part of U.S. intelligence establishment in the 9/11 era.

Black took the stage at the Black Hat USA security conference today in a keynote about lessons learned from 9/11. In Black’s view there are similarities to the pre 9/11 world and the current emerging world of cyberattacks.

In Black’s view, when there is a delay to threat validation there is a problem. He noted that when the attack came it was a strange validation that what the CIA had been anticipating had indeed taken place.

“In the tech world you may face similiar issues in the future,” Black said.

There is an analogy to the technical world and the situation may even be more challenging, according to Black.

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Black Hat: Lessons of 9/11

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