Black Hat: We Need Warriors

For 24 years, Shawn Henry worked in the FBI, and served in a number of different positions in the agency. His last position at the FBI was as the executive director, and he now is in the private sector as president of Crowdstrike services.

“We need warriors to fight our enemies,” Henry told the capacity Black Hat audience of more than 6,500 computer security professionals.

To start his keynote, Henry delved into the history of the FBI, which has investigated a number of different crimes throughout its history, ranging from illegal drugs, to organized crime to bank robberies. The agency has also focused on other issues, such as foreign spy rings, but the FBI’s main focus during the last few years has been terrorism. Now, however, that focus is turning more toward the mounting threats from cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism and cyber-espionage.

“In my career, I’ve seen lots of similarities between the physical and the cyber-world; certainly the tactics are different, but the theory is the same,” said Henry. “It’s not computers attacking computers; we’re talking about humans behind keyboards targeting you.”

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