Bromium vSentry Aims to Minimize Windows Risk

Bromium vSentry is a microkernel virtualization-based solution that aims to provide secure systems by minimizing, and in some cases eliminating, the risk and attack surface from modern IT security threats.

“The grand problem that we think we’re tackling is the trustworthiness of infrastructure,”  Bromium CTO and co-founder, Simon Crosby, told InternetNews.

Prior to Bromium, Crosby was one of the founders of virtualization vendor XenSource, which was acquired by Citrix for $500 million in 2007. Virtualization plays a strong role in the vSentry solution, leveraging a virtualization microvisor that also takes advantage of hardware-based virtualization.

“Whenever any code starts up, it will be isolated within a micro-VM,” Crosby explained.

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Bromium vSentry Defends Enterprises with Microkernel Virtualization

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