BSA Tracks Cybersecurity Policy

President Obama has made his share of promises as relates to cybersecurity, and there are high hopes given how tech-savvy he has proven to be. The BSA decided to track his most important promises.

With all the talk around federal cybersecurity policy these days, one of the groups with the most skin in the game thought it would be a good idea to take stock of just how much progress has been made.

In that spirit, the Business Software Alliance has released a new dashboard to chart the progress of the administration’s efforts since President Obama’s cybersecurity address in May.

At a glance, the results might seem less than inspiring, with blanks across most of the 12 policy priorities BSA is tracking.

But the group, which serves as the primary lobby for the software industry, acknowledged that the overhaul of the government’s cybersecurity strategy is a slow ship to turn.

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