Bypassing Windows’ Genuine Check?

Bypassing Microsoft’s automated check for pirated software may be as
simple as inputting one line of code.

Allegedly within 24 hours of Microsoft officially requiring users of its Windows XP software to validate the authenticity of their software, the validation method was allegedly cracked and disclosed in a public blog.

Late last week, the code snippet appeared on popular blog site BoingBoing claiming to be a way to bypass Microsoft’s Windows Genuine Advantage check.

A user only needs to paste the code into the address bar of one of the Microsoft update services before pressing either the ‘Custom’ or ‘Express’ button. The code snippet allegedly disables the key check by turning off the code trigger for the check.

A Microsoft spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.

Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) is an effort to prevent users
from running pirated non-licensed versions of Microsoft’s software.

When visiting one of Microsoft’s update services, users are prompted to download an ActiveX control, which validates their
software. Only validated WGA users have full access to Microsoft’s update
services; security updates are still available to non-validated users as

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