Certified Cyber Forensics Professional (CCFP) Credential Set to Launch

Hord Tipton ISC(2)The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 recently announced the Certified Cyber Forensics Professional (CCFP) credential. (ISC)2 is no stranger to world of IT certification, as it is the organization behind the influential Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) designation.

“It has become obvious to us that the forensics field is growing fast,” Hord Tipton, executive director of (ISC)2, told eSecurity Planet. “The driver of that is the increase in breaches, which is driving demand for sophisticated forensics knowledge and experience.”

Tipton explained that forensics overall has become a broad field. In the cyber-security context, a forensics professional needs to be able to understand why an incident occurred and what steps can be taken to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future.

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Certifying Forensics for Information Security

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