Chrome Browser Now a Snap for IT to Deploy?

Most users may not give a lot of thought to the browser they use as long as it gets them where they want to go on the Web. But after years of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer thoroughly dominating the browser scene, the release of innovative new browsers has led a growing number of users to experiment and, in many cases, switch.

One of those new offerings is Google’s Chrome browser. Designed to run the latest Web apps and services, Chrome is a key part of Google’s cloud computing strategy, which ranges from consumer to enterprise-grade solutions.

Now, as Datamation reports, Google has released new features designed to greatly simplify the process of distributing Chrome in the enterprise without requiring users to abandon whatever browser they already use.

Google announced its first concerted effort to get its Chrome browser in the hands of more enterprise users. Today Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced controls designed to let IT administrators easily configure and deploy the browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems of their choosing. Google said its new MSI installer lets businesses that use standard deployment tools install Chrome for all their managed users.

“We’ve also added support for managed group policy with a list of policies and a set of templates that allow administrators to easily customize browser settings to manage security and privacy,” Google said in a blog post.

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Google Makes Chrome Browser More Enterprise Friendly

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