Cisco Debuts 24/7 Security iPhone App

Cisco today introduced a free iPhone app for those who want customized Internet security data on-the-go.

The app, designed for security professionals, allows users to personalize alerts to show only those threats that could impact their network.

Cisco SIO to Go also provides real-time data on malware signatures, offers action points for addressing threats and lets users evaluate individual Web sites for vulnerabilities. Additionally, the app links to Cisco reports, news feeds and podcasts with pertinent information on security issues.

The networking giant’s contribution to the mobile arena follows a host of other offerings by vendors large and small looking to extend the app revolution that has transformed the consumer space into the enterprise. Analysts have taken notice of the iPhone’s increasing uptake in the enterprise, which has inspired apps from a host of firms catering to business users, including Sybase, Zenprise and, now, Cisco. One analyst recently estimated that 6,000 of the iPhone’s roughly 100,000 apps were geared for use in the enterprise.

Cisco’s (NASDAQ: CSCO) app is powered by the company’s Security Intelligence Operations (SIO) offering, which is based on three components — a sensor base network, oversight by a team of security analysts and dynamic updates.

The sensor base is comprised of 700,000 globally deployed sensors located at customer sites, ISPs and Web sites to create a threat-monitoring network. SIO also employs a global team of 500 security analysts for oversight and provides any time-sensitive information in real-time updates delivered with recommended mitigation steps.

“Enabling borderless networks is critical for today’s business success,” Cisco Vice President Marie Hattar said in a statement. “A key component of enabling individuals to connect to their business networks from anywhere is working to ensure that the network is protected regardless of the device used.”

The Cisco iPhone app debuts on the heels of the networking giant’s new e-mail, communications and collaboration tools, as well as several big acquisitions.

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