Cisco’s CSO Details Security Approach

If price and performance are the top two considerations when it comes to evaluating new IT products and services, security isn’t far behind. Given the evolving nature of new security threats, IT buyers have to be sure anything new they plan to add to the enterprise has a good security track record or has been sufficiently tested to be deemed safe.

Well aware of its importance, security is a significant consideration for Cisco in its development efforts, which includes a broad range of products geared to the enterprise. In an exclusive interview with eSecurity Planet, Cisco’s chief security officer John Stewart, explains how the company is emphasizing a secure development lifecycle for all of its networking products.

With multiple product lines spanning networking gear, unified communications, video and collaboration tools, Cisco has a large footprint that it needs to secure. And that’s the job of John Stewart, the chief security officer at Cisco and the man tasked with keeping security front and center.

Stewart is now leading a new effort within Cisco to emphasize a secure development lifecycle for all of the networking giant’s products — a need for continuous improvement in security practices that comes as the threat landscape continues to evolve.

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