Cloud Security Gets Fingerprinted

Last week, security startup Skyfence emerged from stealth with technology—its Cloud Application Gateway—that leverages user behavior as a key tool for cloud security.

“What’s really unique about Skyfence are our threat prevention capabilities around cyber-intrusion,” said Ofer Hendler, CEO and co-founder of Skyfence, which to date has raised $3.2 million in funding and is currently working on a new funding round, Hendler told eWEEK.

The Skyfence Cloud Application Gateway includes automatic policies that learn what normal user behavior is for application access, according to Hendler. That behavior includes the typical locations from which a user accesses a cloud application, including IP address ranges and data access patterns. It’s an approach that Skyfence refers to as dynamic user fingerprinting.

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Skyfence Builds a Wall for Cloud Security

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