Data Privacy Survey Has Some Surprising Results

On the same day an independent group is promoting Data Privacy Day, browser developer Opera Software released results of a survey that showed some surprising results on how U.S. citizens feel about security.

For example, survey respondents rated online privacy violations higher (25 percent) than having to declare bankruptcy (23 percent) or even losing their jobs (22 percent).

The news comes at a time when a growing number of browser and Web developers are offering tools to help consumers better control when their online activities are tracked, if at all. Also, the Federal Trade Commission is considering a Do Not Track measure that would allow Internet users to essentially opt out of online tracking in a way similar to the “Do Not Call” lists that limit telemarketing calls.

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks have had their share of security and privacy issues, but consumers in the survey said they were actually more concerned about the government monitoring their online activities (35 percent). Only 15 percent said they were wary about the data social networks collect and 16 percent said they did not worry about anyone having too much access to their online behavior.

Check out eSecurity Planet’s full report on the survey results.

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