Dell Offers Secure Enterprise Firefox Browser

The Web browser remains one of the biggest security targets for both consumers and the enterprise alike, and one of the methods for securing it has been to isolate the browser. By putting it in a virtual sandbox, where nothing can be written to disk when the drive is in use, malware that gets in through the firewalls can be stopped, in theory.

A lot of these efforts have been informal, shareware projects. But now Dell’s Kace division is jumping into the fray, offering a secure Firefox browser that runs in a sandboxed instance. eSecurity Planet digs into why Dell is getting into software virtualization and security.

Safer surfing through virtualization? That’s the thinking behind a new offering by Dell’s Kace systems management division, which today unveiled a free, secure browser based on wrapping Mozilla’s Firefox in a virtualization shell.

The Dell Kace Secure Browser works by using virtualization to isolate the browser from the underlying operating system in an attempt to limit the risk of malware from infecting a user’s PC.

Read the full story at eSecurity Planet:

Dell Kace Debuts Secure Firefox Browser

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